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The Mungovan HR Solution

Consider us as a respected partner who will help you with all your HR needs and will provide prompt guidance when various challenges arise.

HR Infrastructure

The idea of building an entire Human Resource management system can be overwhelming when you don’t know what should be included.

Mungovan HR Consulting reviews what you have in place and works with you to create everything necessary to ensure you are compliant with State and Federal regulations. This may include Policy Documents, Employee Handbooks, Posters, Employment Applications, Objective Non-discriminatory Selection Processes, and a host of other tools.

Legal Compliance

The most dangerous aspect of Human Resources, for any small business, is not knowing what you don’t know.

As a business owner who employs others, you MUST be compliant with the most current employment laws in order to operate your business to state and federal requirements. Being a federal contractor and/or having a minimum number of employees requires additional compliance.

Are you able to dedicate the time and energy necessary to keep yourself up-to-date and current on these ever-changing regulations?

If you want a partner who is well-versed in various HR Compliance requirements, let Mungovan HR Consulting help you reduce liability, risk exposure and the potential for fines and lawsuits.

Employee Relations

Mindful employers know the importance of culture and how Employee Relations impact retention of their team members. Employees may require more than pay and benefits in order to stay motivated and engaged while on the job.

This includes timely and honest communications, treating people with respect and dignity, valuing input of employees, creating awareness of non-verbal communications, focused training and a host of other topics.

Let Mungovan HR Consulting help you value multi-generational dynamics of your workforce.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services, those listed below and beyond.

    • Employee Handbook audits and revisions 
    • Mentoring and developing staff assigned to HR tasks
    • Standard Operating Procedure facilitation 
    • Internal Investigations
    • Culture Improvement Interviews
    • Job description creation and/or review
    • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) assessments
    • Employee file audits 
    • Compensation and Benefit Analysis 
    • Staffing strategies (business need, ads, interview questions, scheduling, conducting interviews)
    • Streamlined, objective selection processes
    • Non-discriminatory employment applications
    • On-boarding and forms required in the hiring process
    • Performance goal and review processes
    • One-on-one or small group training
      • Conflict Resolution facilitation and training 
      • Workplace Civility Training 
      • Supervisor training

    Additional resources

    We can connect you to credible resources to assist in these areas:

    Payroll and/or benefits administration

    Health, safety and environmental administration

    Lean manufacturing and ISO certification

    Strategy development

    Workplace Violence Prevention

    Specialized staffing

    Various training 

    IT Solutions