The most dangerous aspect of Human Resources, for any small business, is not knowing what you don’t know.

As a business owner who employs others, you MUST be compliant with the most current employment laws in order to operate your business to state and federal requirements. Being a federal contractor and/or having a minimum number of employees requires additional compliance.

Are you able to dedicate the time and energy necessary to keep yourself up-to-date and current on these ever-changing regulations?

If you want a partner who is well-versed in various HR Compliance requirements, let Mungovan HR Consulting help you reduce liability, risk exposure and the potential for fines and lawsuits. Contact us today.


  • Available:
    Mungovan HR is just a phone call or email away. We will help you handle your HR issues swiftly and professionally.
  • Cost Effective:
    Whether you choose the project-based flat-fee service or select the monthly retainer, services are kept reasonably priced so your small business can afford to use Mungovan HR Consulting.
  • Valuable:
    Small businesses get all the benefits of having a professional HR Manager "on staff" without all the expenses of hiring another employee.

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