The idea of building an entire Human Resource management system can be overwhelming when you don’t know what should be included.

Wouldn’t you prefer to focus on growing your business? Mungovan HR Consulting will work with you to develop a strong foundation that ensures your business is on the right path.

Mungovan HR Consulting reviews what you have in place and works with you to create everything necessary to ensure you are compliant with State and Federal regulations. This may include Policy Documents, Employee Handbooks, Posters, Employment Applications, Objective Non-discriminatory Selection Processes and a host of other tools.

Contact Mungovan HR Consulting, the HR solution to keep you on the right path every day of the year. 


  • Available:
    Mungovan HR is just a phone call or email away. We will help you handle your HR issues swiftly and professionally.
  • Cost Effective:
    Whether you choose the project-based flat-fee service or select the monthly retainer, services are kept reasonably priced so your small business can afford to use Mungovan HR Consulting.
  • Valuable:
    Small businesses get all the benefits of having a professional HR Manager "on staff" without all the expenses of hiring another employee.

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